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You have probably found that graduates form many TESOL programs are not effective teachers on arrival because their TESOL courses included little if any real teaching experience.

Graduates of the Will-Excel TESOL Diploma Program are EXPERIENCED TEACHERS!
  • They have spent over 40 hours developing lesson plans under the supervision of experienced teachers.
  • They have observed experienced teachers teaching classes.
  • Most importantly, they have taught over 500 hours with students of all ages and levels.
Graduates of our program have mastered:
  • TESOL Teaching Approaches, Methods and Techniques
  • The Learning Process: Language Acquisition
  • Introduction to Linguistics and Phonology
  • Classroom Management (Content and Conduct)
  • Teaching Vocabulary and Illustrating Meaning
  • Task Based Learning
  • How to Correct Learner Errors
  • The Receptive Skills: Listening and Reading
  • The Productive Skills: Speaking and Writing
  • Writing Lesson Plans: Creating Aims and Staging Lessons, Using Practice Activities, Language Analysis and Anticipating
  • Problems
  • Teaching Children
  • Teaching Business English and English for Specific Purposes
  • Making the Most of Textbooks
  • Grammar
    • Tense and Time
    • How to use Timelines
    • Relative Clauses, Conditionals, Modal Verbs and Voice
    • The Nine Basic Parts of Speech
    • Sentence Diagramming
    • English Lexicon across Borders
WILL-EXCEL TESOL’s trademark “Focus on China” case study separates its certification program from others by providing an immersion experience in China’s official language. Not only have trainees received superior Chinese language training, with a native Mandarin speaker, they have also covered topics in the classroom that have specifically prepared them for teaching Chinese students:
  • Chinglish: Linguistic and Cultural Impact
  • Anticipating and Analyzing Common Chinese Errors
  • The Chinese Education System
  • Contrast Studies: Structural Difference between English and Chinese
  • Chinese Language Habits and Their Influence
  • Culture Shock: Learning to Assimilate into Your New Home


If you would like to confirm the authenticity of a Will-Excel TESOL Diploma that has been submitted to your school,
Email us the certificate number and the name (as shown on the diploma). We will reply within 48 hours to confirm whether it is a valid diploma.

E-Mail: WillExcelTESOL@Gmail.com


If you would like to join our growing list of schools that want to hire our graduates, download our Employer's Registration Form. Fill in the form then e-mail it back to us.

E-Mail: WillExcelTESOL@Gmail.com

We will contact you with information about our graduates who are interested in your school.