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Master of TESOL

The Will-Excel TESOL Institute`s Master of TESOL is the highest level diploma available to educators within the TESOL field.

The Will-Excel Master of TESOL program is for individuals who:

  • Want to broaden their in-depth TESOL knowledge.
  • Want to complete a Master’s program at their own pace.
  • Want to take their career to the next level.
  • Want to meet the qualifications necessary for the most prestigious and highest paying jobs.
  • Want to stand out and succeed in competitive markets.
  • Want to choose a specific area of interest in which to become an expert. (Research, write about and publish.)
  • Want to make a significant contribution to the TESOL community.
  • Want to hold the honor of Master of TESOL!

The program aims to prepare educators to succeed in competitive markets and for promotion within educational institutions. Holders of the Master of TESOL Diploma go on to become:

  • Curriculum Developers
  • Teacher Trainers

  • Directors of Studies
  • School Owners