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The Will-Excel Master of TESOL benefits include:

Study from anywhere, anytime: Our correspondence program allows you the flexibility to study anywhere, at your own pace, and complete the Master of TESOL Diploma program in as little as six months.

Highest level qualification: The Will-Excel Master of TESOL Diploma is the highest level TESOL Diploma available to professional ESL teachers.

Support throughout the program: Your Master of TESOL Diploma program adviser will be available to answer questions throughout the program.

Tutorials: After completing each module, you will meet via Skype with your Master`s adviser to discuss coursework and ask any questions you have.

Qualifying for the program: Teachers with significant TESOL experience (2 or more years) may qualify for the program without holding other TESOL certifications.

Become a published author: A major component of the program is in researching, writing and publishing a 10,000-word thesis. Through publishing your thesis, you will be making a substantial contribution to the TESOL community.

Scholarship opportunities: Partial academic scholarships are available to candidates who present compelling research topics.

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