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Chinese has a reputation of being a hard language to learn. However, that`s largely due to its writing. Since Chinese also has a writing system, which uses “English” letters, you can focus on spoken Chinese first and learn writing at a later point. This is how native speakers learn their own languages.

Spoken Chinese is actually a very simple language. Its grammar is very simple and even when you make mistakes people can likely understand your meaning. That is, as long as you learn to speak with a clear accent.

Living in Harbin, even for a short amount of time, will go a long way towards helping you develop clear Mandarin because Harbin has the most standard Mandarin in China.

As part of our TESOL course, you will have 20 hours of classroom Mandarin study and audio materials for you to study on your own. Of course your best Chinese study tool will be the practice you get when shopping and going about your daily life in Harbin. You can also ask your employer to help you arrange classes to continue your Mandarin study throughout your teaching term.

Some people achieve a high level of fluency in 6 months while others learn only the basics. How good your Chinese becomes will depend largely on your attitude and goals.

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