Will-Excel TESOL Teaching Benefits Package

Our In-China TESOL Course provides 160 hours of TESOL training with 500 hours of real teaching experience.

During your month of training in Harbin:

During your teaching term:

An integral part of our TESOL course is the teaching term which follows your month of training in Harbin.

During the teaching term, Will-Excel TESOL works with your employer to evaluate your teaching and provide you with regular feedback. You earn your Will-Excel TESOL Diploma once you have completed 500 hours of evaluated teaching practice.

The below benefits are guaranteed by all of our sponsor schools. If you are offered a sponsored position in our program with a specific sponsor school, the complete details of their benefits will be sent to you to review before accepting the position.

Throughout your teaching term all of our partner sponsor schools provide:

Apart from the above guaranteed benefits, each school offers various benefits. The exact details of your benefits package is forwarded to you if you receive an offer from one of our sponsor schools to join one of our TESOL courses.

It is also possible to complete our TESOL courses without having to complete a teaching term arranged by Will-Excel TESOL. See the self-funded option for details.

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