Will-Excel TESOL China Information

Unlike other TESOL courses that provide only TESOL training, the Will-Excel TESOL program believes that in order for teachers to succeed in the classroom, they also need to succeed outside of the classroom. A huge step to succeeding outside of the classroom in China begins with understanding Chinese culture and people.

One key component to the TESOL course is the “Focus on China” section which helps teachers begin to understand the large cultural differences that exist between the East and the West. Throughout the TESOL course, teachers will participate in discussions on:

Prior to leaving for China, however, many teachers will find it beneficial to peruse the articles below in helping them understand Chinese culture. Many teachers may also find our other TESOL Course Articles helpful for preparing to teach English in China.

We also highly recommend the following websites for other tips on helping you get acquainted with Chinese culture or in getting a jump start on your Mandarin studies.
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